My first reaction when I saw Amber Heard arriving at the MET Gala:


Maria’s text to me after seeing Amber Heard at the MET Gala:


There’s not trying. And then there’s not being given the opportunity to try. Is that what happened to Amber Heard? This is Ralph Lauren. It looks like a Ralph Lauren discard. Like a dress they don’t care about. Who’s on the phone? Amber Heard? Well is Johnny coming with her? No? OK, just grab a dress for her from the backroom. Like, there were publicists with better gowns than hers. This is not a piece you give to a featured muse at your table. It’s a piece you give to someone’s +1 when you want to do them a favour.

But Amber Heard? The wife of Johnny Depp? She’s supposed to be considered alongside the Kristen Stewarts, the Alicia Vikanders, the Emma Stones, her contemporaries. Those names go to the MET Gala in custom couture. And it’s just not happening for Amber, with the dresses and with the roles.