Amy Adams (likely) made her last stateside awards season appearance as a Best Actress nominee for Arrival at the SAG Awards on Sunday night. She did not receive an Oscar nomination for Arrival last week, but still has the BAFTAs on her nominee calendar. She wore a black Brandon Maxwell gown to the SAG Awards, but did not appear to be in mourning about her perceived snub. Because Amy Adams is always a professional. And she was professional all week long, attending a SAG-AFTRA Q&A the night of the Oscar nods, and hitting the PGA Awards on Saturday, where she dubbed Arrival "an extraordinary movie, rich in emotional depths" and praised it for having a strong female lead (video here at around 19:05). Yet, perhaps it was this (consoling?) hug between her and her Doubt co-star Meryl Streep at the SAG Awards that helped nurse her rejection from the Academy?


Prior to the ceremony, Amy did not do any red carpet press. She, like Ryan Gosling, skipped E! and the SAG house camera, and opted to pose for photographers instead. This is unusual for her. Normally, Amy is Miss Congeniality on the red carpet, and gives several interviews to a variety of outlets but this time, she took a step back, possibly to avoid any mentions of her snub, and possibly because her Oscar campaign is over. Although, Arrival tied for second place in the Academy's eyes, earning eight nominations so Amy could attend as a presenter, on behalf of the film.

Instead, her director Denis Villeneuve did the hustling and the press rounds for her. He told etalk he was "happy to be at the SAG Awards to support [her]" adding it was "very important for him to support her, and that [he] hopes she wins." Denis has not held back on his opinion about her not being nominated:

Inside, though, Amy looked to be having a great time, and appeared to be as popular as ever with the SAG Award crowd. She had a Sunshine Cleaning reunion with Emily Blunt:

Schmoozed with Sarah Paulson:

And took a selfie with black-ish star Miles Brown:

As we've seen for years, Amy is a patient, gracious star who has plenty of stamina, and knows when to show face. In the past, I've written about Amy's polite, non-diva decline to talk about the Sony hacks on The Today Show, the symbolism behind her predictable Vanity Fair party style, her CinemaCon career pivot, and her joyous Telluride smile. With Amy, what you see appears to be what you get. She's a hard worker, who loves what she does, and loves to celebrate those around her. If she's feted? It's a bonus. She knows her work will be recognized one way or another, even if it means missing out on this exclusive club:

Amy will return to TV in Gillian Flynn's (Gone Girl) HBO show, Sharp Objects. According to Jean-Marc Vallee, who was supposed to direct her in the Janis Joplin biopic, it starts filming on March 6. With no other marquee film projects in the works aside from Justice League and an Enchanted sequel, it looks as though Amy has plenty of time before she joins the Deborah Kerr-Thelma Ritter-Glenn Close 0-6 club. But if her work in Sharp Objects is up to standard, then her next award will be an Emmy…which is the same route Julianne Moore took, with Game Change, before Still Alice and the Best Actress Oscar.