Sometimes we are a little maybe on Amy Adams here. Duana doesn’t get it. I have real affection for her after interviewing her at the Man Of Steel junket. Joanna has always been pulling for her. Maybe this year it’s Amy’s time.

Amy is in Venice with two films: Arrival and Nocturnal Animals. Arrival opens in November, a prime spot for awards possibilities and early reviews that came out yesterday have been terrific. Today Amy’s switching over to Nocturnal Animals, directed by Tom Ford, his second feature. Those reviews too have been overwhelmingly positive. The Guardian gave it five stars. Five stars also from The Independent. The Wrap calls it a big win. So does Variety. And The Hollywood Reporter also praised the film and Amy’s performance that holds it all together.

When Kate Winslet finally won her Oscar, all the talk beforehand was about how she was due, how many times she’d been nominated. And we saw this again with Leonardo last year during that interminable campaign season when they kept reminding us of his STRUGGLE and all the times he slept inside a bear. Does this happen for Amy though? And who makes it happen?

Here’s Amy at the Nocturnal Animals photo call today with Tom, Jake, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson who apparently also delivers a performance that may be considered the best of his career. Unfortunately I could not find a shot of Jake and ATJ standing side by side for my spank bank. I will continue my efforts.