I have this bad feeling about what happened to Amy Poehler.

Sarah and Maria have had various takes on the concept of people who win over and over again, and I pointed out that Claire Danes has nomination ennui.  But Amy – Amy is not the same as some of those people. For example, she’s got a million jobs. She’s a writer, she hosts, she’s got the Smart Girls thing that she actually spends time on.  She’s busy, so she might not feel the same sort of ‘ohhhh again?’ thing when she doesn’t win.

I can accept, I think, that Parks & Recreation was snubbed over the years because people don’t get it – didn’t get why Rob Lowe was so hysterical on that show, didn’t understand why Aziz Ansari wasn’t a stereotype, or anything about April and Chris, really.

And Amy does not need the win. Doesn’t need it for her ego, doesn’t need it for her career. The same people who like her now would like her then. 

But still…

I have this gross suspicion that is totally unfounded, and that is the suspicion that when people look at the list of nominees, knowing they have to cull them down, one of the things they do is say ‘eh. Poehler, she’s basically Hillary Clinton’. 

I have no proof at all, but I know this to be true.

I was probably not the first person to draw the line between Amy’s slouching be-hoodied teen and Pennsatuckey, but it felt like it on Twitter last night. The only person who wants my joke about the two of them starring in a movie together to be true more than me is Taryn Manning. Right?

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