Yes, it has happened. Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence have become the popular girls. 

You know what I mean, of course. They are each the type who would be adamant about how not-cool they were growing up, but this now translates into being not-cool together, and everyone else really liking that and watching them, and boom – all of a sudden they are the cool girls in the room. 

Which means they have enormous sway and influence. Yes, I know, they did before, but together it’s multiplied. Sometimes this pans out in good ways, like their entrance as presenters:

And sometimes not. The actual presenting patter was kind of tired, and they’re self-conscious, in spite of themselves, about how cool or nerdy or in-between their friendship is supposed to be, and the amount of reinforcement about how close they are—lots of shots of them together, hugging when Jennifer wins her award—is becoming exhausting. I’m trying to compare it to other well-known friendships – the Ben-and-Matt, the Tina-and-Amy, the George-and-Brad. I feel like the difference is that the former three are friends, and the media asks about it, whereas Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are TELLING US THEY’RE FRIENDS LOUDLY.

Anyway, I just wonder if the noise of the friendship gets so loud that they can’t hear themselves, just to murder a metaphor. Like today when all the press about Lawrence is how mean she was to a guy who was just reading his question off his iPhone, is Schumer going to tell her they’re all full of sh*t? Or is she going to say ‘actually I watched the clip and you do come off like a bitch. Oops’.

Don’t misunderstand, I think it’s an awesome friendship—I just think they’re in that weird, famous-people-only phase of having to learn how to keep some of it for themselves, and not give ‘us’ what we want.

Amy’s dress is Not Good, again, since her Emmy dress was similarly Not Good. She can of course wear whatever she wants, but she might find that shoulders on a dress give it a welcome structure. Lawrence’s is confounding to me because I want to be a person who is anti-cut-out, but that dress somehow looked incredibly classy while exposing her groin-adjacent areas. I may need to lie down.

Also, Lainey would want me to include this tweet, in which J. Law is talking to Nicholas Hoult – he looks more comfortable than she does, right?