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Sarah Posted by Sarah at May 18, 2012 18:09:04 May 18, 2012 18:09:04

Hi Sasha, can you pretty please find me this outfit Olivia Munn is wearing! I love her style especially that skirt! D


I’ve gotta give it to my fellow halfie because that’s one hella great get-up. Okay D, before fall really rolls in, let’s get you her look.  

I know you love the skirt, but I’ve spent two days looking for it and nada. Sorry. My guess though is it’s vintage, so to make it up to you I’ve found some similar styles. Now, I can’t tell if Olivia’s skirt is red or orange so I’ve given you a color mix of options – get clicking here (1), here (2), and here (3). Sh-t, you can even ditch the whole red/orange color way and go with a bubble gum pink (4). The point is don’t feel so constricted with getting it exact. All you need to do is look for a printed midi-length high-waisted skirt. Once you have that you’re golden.

Sasha Finds: Olivia Munn’s outfit

Moving on to that striped crop. As I’ve told you before stripes are a great neutral; you can literally pair it up with any print or color, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of that sartorial gift. For a copy-cat crop take a look at this (5) Topshop one. But feel free to play around with a sleeve (6), a bustier cut (7), or even a turtle neck (8). My only style note here is to make sure that at no point should anyone see your belly button – put that sh-t away. 

Sasha Finds: Olivia Munn’s outfit

Finally we get to those wedged espadrilles and I’ve narrowed down some of my favorites here (9), and here (10), and here (11)...

Sasha Finds: Olivia Munn’s outfit

…and here (12) and one more here (13).

Sasha Finds: Olivia Munn’s outfit

Have fun putting this outfit together and thanks for writing in! xx

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