I’ve looked around, and I can’t find a really strong anti-67th Emmys faction, even among all the complainers on Twitter (who I am proud to call my brethren).  Don’t get me wrong, there are still people frustrated with the show, with the winners, or the lack thereof, but the show itself wasn’t offensive as in some years, nor was it a disaster.

What it was, overall, was quiet.  Like, after the pomp and circumstance of other years (and other Emmy montage supercuts), didn’t you think Mad Men went out rather quietly? Just a tiny nod of the head to Hamm, and that’s about it.  No tributes, no chorus of Bert Coopers dancing to the ‘Mad Men’ theme. No Matthew Weiner writing award either, if you were keeping track. And with big blocks of wins for Olive Kitteridge or Veep, the curiousity of who wins what had some of the drama pulled out of it pretty fast.

All that means that Andy Samberg really shone. Maria pointed out that there was a lot of SNL around last night, and I never mind that. Especially because, where hosting is concerned, people who have done live TV for many years cannot be scared by anything.  Andy Samberg has gone onstage with bits that were far less rehearsed than any last night. You really think the Emmys are going to interrupt his flow?

It didn’t, at all, and it was a really pleasant surprise. He didn’t break a sweat, he looked like he was having fun (always my benchmark for a good celebrity presenter, attendee, or host – acknowledge that the thing you’re at is a party!), and he took the time to land all his own jokes without getting all sweaty about it.

Also. The blue tuxedo made me consider Andy Samberg in a way I never have before. Is this a common phenomenon regarding blue jackets, or Andy Samberg? Is it just me?