The Pitts and King’s parents

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 10, 2007 07:16:00 December 10, 2007 07:16:00

Surprise attendees at the Hatton-Mayweather fight in Vegas on Saturday night – Brad and Angelina showed up ringside as Angie reportedly grimaced her way through the bout, especially towards the end when Hatton was pummelled to the mat. They ended up in his dressing room afterwards to offer encouragement as Angie also chatted up the scrappy boxer’s mother before joining Gwen Stefani and Gavin, both glamourous couples heading into the same limo presumably to gush about their children.

You’ll recall, Gwen’s Kingston and the Chosen One were born just days apart and the families have been photographed on a beachside playdate. Gwen at one point called her baby a blob too although unlike Angelina, Gwen was spared a crucifixion.

But enough about the MiniVan… how about some Pitt Porn?

While they were seated, I’m told the Pitts were like the Beckhams – his hand firmly clasped around her thigh, fingers spread wide apart, just high enough to make it sexily suggestive. Perhaps the Pitts made the most of their evening away from the kids? It must be the leather.


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