They’re calling it “Hathahate”. Everyone was hating on Anne Hathaway after the Oscars. Not unlike the way the world loves to hate Gwyneth Paltrow, and for the last, oh, 15 years. Holy sh-t, it’s been 15 years since Gwyneth won her Oscar.

As I wrote yesterday in the intro, while Jennifer Lawrence has become the universe’s beloved following her pale pink stumble on stage, Annie’s unpopularity has never been more intense. Jennifer Lawrence forgot to thank her producer and director, probably a much more egregious foul. She apologised and…nothing. Annie decided to wear a different dress so she wouldn’t look similar to Amanda Seyfried. She too apologised…

For nothing.

The worst for me is the public apology. Like Kristen Stewart’s public apology, it was entirely unnecessary. And it kinda made it worse, bringing on so many more questions:

Why did they leave it so late? Don’t they talk? They didn’t talk until the day before? They must not be close then, right?

Did Amanda Seyfried refuse to change?

Did Annie try to force Amanda to change?

Did Annie lose her sh-t?

Is Annie really vain?

Look, I probably would have changed too. The two dresses were, really, very similar, especially in the skirt. There is no issue here with her changing. It’s understandable that she changed. APOLOGISING for changing is absurd.

Would Gwyneth, also a pet of Valentino’s, have apologised?

I’d like to think, hope, that she wouldn’t.

I’d really like to hope that, now that her dream came true, Annie can stop apologising too. For everything. For all of it. For herself.

As for the Prada dress she did end up wearing, it’s not unlike the Prada Gwyneth wore to the Venice Film Festival in 2011. And, amazingly enough, I also complained then about the tit darts for which Annie’s has been criticised. Click here for a refresher.