This is what being disliked gets you: Freedom.

I’m not joking. Anne Hathaway knows a bunch of people have decided they can’t stand her, as though this is the fourth grade. “Let’s all hate Anne today, OK?” This is not new news anymore, and I’m sure she’s gone through a wide variety of ways in which she no longer gives a f*ck.

I love that this is one of them. She’s only adhering in the barest way to the theme: “Uh, there’s lots of gold in China, and the hood is sort of reminiscent of a Little Red Riding Hood thing, which is also a fairy tale?” It’s a tenuous connection at best.

BUT, she looks spectacular and is wearing the hell out of it, and in my most important new characteristic for people who appear on red carpets or are otherwise photographed in public, she looks like she’s having fun.  

Oh, and it doesn’t just look like it’s an evening gown. Let’s keep the Costume in Costume Institute Gala, shall we?

This is a big win for Anne Hathaway. This is one of the ones they’re going to pull out in her retrospectives. Equal parts movie star and f*ck you. I’m very much in.