Not this time.

The colour is gorgeous, yes. But the fit. Look at the chest area -- it’s deflating. And of course, you know how I feel about the material. No matter how beautiful the design, the material doesn’t hold up. This material, sateen or satin, it makes everything messy. It makes you want to take an iron to it and press that sh-t out. Only it will never work. It will never be clean and flat.

Above the neck though, God she is lovely. Her face, her skin, those big eyes, it’s all so lovely. And, admit it, even if you can’t with her right now, admit that she’s at the top of your Oscar list for dress-watch. You are waiting to dress-watch Anne Hathaway at the Oscars. And please let her bring it better than she did here. But first...the BAFTAs on Sunday.