Inside 2 weeks!

Are you ready?

The Arrested Development Season 4 official trailer is now available online. Gob, for some reason, but I guess he doesn’t really need a reason, is doing leg kicks on stage in a towel now. And Buster...


Was I the only one totally delighted to see that Kitty Sanchez was featured so prominently? And, amazingly, not in the way you’d expect? Or is that too risqué for a trailer?

So, are we marathon-ing this together on May 26 on Netflix or what? Like I said before, I propose we start at midnight. It’ll take 7 hours. We’ll be done before 8am. We sleep until 1pm. And we still have the whole afternoon to do boring sunny weather weekend sh-t before Game of Thrones. It’ll be the perfect Sunday.

Here’s the cast at the UK premiere last week and at the press conference a few days before. Look at Maeby in her white pumps! God Jason Bateman keeps getting better. If he’s ever in a movie with RDJ I might not make it through the night.