You see?


What did I tell you about BB-8 this morning in today’s blog intro? What did I say?!?

Check out BB-8 today in Ottawa where Star Wars: The Force Awakens was screened for Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today.

Uh, yeah. Because BB-8 is the Force’s newest famewhore, that’s why. Was R2 invited to Canada? No. Did R2 get to pose solo with Canada’s freshly-elected leader? No. Are you getting your nieces and nephews an R2 for Christmas? Or are you getting them a BB-8?


Have you noticed how often BB-8 poses alone? And already BB-8 is going on solo diplomatic missions? Repping the brand without anyone else’s help? The ego on this droid, seriously.

The thirst is real with this one. I’m telling you, the thirst is real.