Dear Gossips,

Have you seen the photo yet of the reaction from the audience at the Oscars when they realised that the Best Picture announcement got f-cked up?

My favourite is The Rock. That eyebrow is on the way up. And… what do you suppose Ben Affleck was looking at?

24 hours after it happened Jimmy Kimmel returned to his show to break down the moment. He was sitting beside Matt Damon when it all went down. And what I love most about his recounting of the story is that when he got up there, as the host, to try to make sense of the situation, it was Denzel Washington in the front row who got his attention to point out that Barry Jenkins was standing behind him, suggesting that Jimmy should bring Barry forward to accept Best Picture on behalf of Moonlight. It was Denzel, amid the chaos, who wanted to bring the focus back to the people who deserved it, back to a young filmmaker whose tiny, beautiful film – made for just $1.5 million – about a young gay black man had just made history.

At the Governor’s Ball, Barry was still in shock. By the time he got to the Vanity Fair party though, well, I’ve attached the photos – it was time to celebrate. How cute is he?!?

As for Warren Beatty, he apparently wouldn’t let go of the envelope. They asked him to give it back. And Warren was like, f-ck no. Picturing this cracks me up, imagining Warren clutching that piece of paper and shaking it in their faces, “I’m not handing over the evidence only for you to Jack Palance me later on!” I’m hanging on to this visual to give me energy until I get to bed later today, hopefully right after The Social. Duana and I haven’t slept since Saturday…and it’s been exhilarating, as it is every year.

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