It’s an obvious title. But I like the obviousness as it relates to Ben Affleck and, you know, the assumed and presumed temptations of Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck was there to promote Live By Night. He kept a pretty low profile all evening. I guess it was his way of making it about Casey. Or, maybe, his way of not wanting to remind of us what we found out on Friday. On Friday we were all talking about those pictures of him out with an unidentified woman. A few hours later, Page Six confirmed that she’s a private detox nurse. You know the gossip about Ben and, specifically, what led to the breakdown of his marriage, and other breakdowns before that. See, what’s interesting about that is that TMZ reported that according to Jennifer Garner’s sources, she was done with his drinking and gambling and womanising. Ben’s sources, however, insisted that he didn’t have a problem. And that they just drifted apart over lifestyle. This is an example of how brutal Hollywood can be to its commodities, especially a commodity that’s as valuable as Ben Affleck. Mental health and wellness are secondary to the movie. Batman v Superman. Justice League. Live By Night. All those were the priorities. And, probably, continue to be.

As for Zoe and Sienna – both usually so reliable on a red carpet – they were such disappointments. Zoe went with a mess of pink and red shredded ruffles that could and should have been offered to Kaley Cuoco for the People’s Choice Awards. Sienna decided she’d class up Kate Hudson for the night with some pearls. Fine. Wear the pearls, but then do something with that hair. This is the sorriest ponytail I’ve seen in a long time. And while we’re here, let me give you my thoughts on the ponytail. A ponytail, in my mind, should always be tight. A proper ponytail does not have air-pockets. Sienna’s ponytail was intentionally loose, intentionally given some lightness on the sides. So they didn’t want it to look sleek. They wanted the sloppy effect. But does SLOPPY GO WITH PEARLS?!!!? God!