This is really cute. And also really interesting.

Ben Affleck was in DC today, along with Bill Gates, to address the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations. There was a Batman mention, obviously. I think he’s going to ride closer to the RDJ approach to being a superhero as opposed to the Christian Bale one: Mention it whenever you can. BE it. Own the character. Let the lines blur sometimes.

Jennifer Garner and their oldest daughter Violet joined Ben at the hearing and sat right behind him. What a great learning opportunity for a kid. And she looks super interested, so engaged, really curious. Especially from what I’ve seen of the video – click here to watch.

Cute, right?

Can I take this opportunity to call back to what I’ve always said about Jennifer Garner? She has all the qualities of a great political wife. She was instrumental in helping to re-navigate his career. She might actually be more strategically astute than he is.

Example. Her recent interview with HELLO! Canada. These are perfectly paced, perfectly balanced answers. She supports the mothers and she supports the working women. She sounds relatable without seeming like she’s trying too hard. And her answer about #AskHerMore? About what female celebrities should talk about on the red carpet?

I couldn’t have written a better response:

Do you object to the focus on fashion? I’m there to work. Whatever you want to ask me, I am going to do my best to tell you. We are so lucky in this short amount of time in our lives to get to put on these incredible dresses, so we should talk about them. Should we talk about other stuff, too? Sure. But if you don’t want to ask, that’s OK, too.

Click here to read the full interview (thanks Anna!).

This is why I think she could have played Amazing Amy in Gone Girl. And Mellie on Scandal.