I read the book and was engrossed like everyone else. In the end though, as previously mentioned, it wasn’t my favourite. The first half, yes. The second half kinda fell apart for me. But Gillian Flynn also wrote the screenplay. And there have been suggestions that she’s changed the ending. Having seen the first trailer now, I wonder if I might actually like the film more than the source.

As I’ve maintained through the casting process, to me, Ben Affleck is a perfect Nick Dunne. You see the part here where he’s running away from the reporters. That’s not a movie star’s run. That’s not the gait of an A List Celebrity. Those of the uncertain steps of an everyman – in many ways Affleck’s appeal. And that’s Nick too. The everyman who always wanted…more.

What’s more for Ben Affleck? Ben Affleck has two Oscars. And both Oscars were shared. After all that Ben Affleck has accomplished, he still wants his. His own. His own Batman. His own acting acclaim. Ben Affleck can’t control his own desires. That’s Nick’s problem too.

As for Rosamund Pike as Amy – we don’t really know her in the preview, and that’s really the whole point, right? It’s a promising first look.