US Weekly’s cover story about Ben Affleck dating the nanny is a major get for the magazine, especially over PEOPLE. His publicist has been working hard to get out the denial, telling Gossip Cop that:

“People’s lives are at stake, and they chose to try to sell more magazines” with “lies.” The rep adds the Us Weekly report is “”horrible” and “made up.”

PEOPLE is also covering the denial with a statement from Ben’s rep:

"It's shameful. We are considering legal options."

That’s what they all say – they’re always considering legal options. You’ll note though, PEOPLE reported two weeks ago that they had a source who revealed that Ben told Jennifer Garner that he “had not been committed to the marriage”. And they even repeated that detail today. So not even PEOPLE can shut down a story that their rival magazine scooped them on.

Ben Affleck’s publicist is Shawn Sachs. Shawn Sachs has two clients, two major industry players: Ben and Leonardo DiCaprio. Both Ben and Leo have strong ties to Warner Bros (and many other Hollywood connections). So basically, US Weekly, in reporting their nanny story, over Ben’s objections, well, they probably feel very, very confident in their sourcing if they’re willing to take that on, non?

So. Who are the sources?

The nanny, Christine, has unnamed friends, “pals”, who are quoted in the piece. They’re the ones telling US that she’s calling it “true love”. As I said earlier, every cheating douchebag is now shaking his head. Because if she’s in love, that gets messy. If she’s in love, it makes her dangerous. If she’s in love, and she has expectations, and he’s not living up to those expectations…

Four years ago, Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore with a girl called Sara Leal in San Diego. Sara Leal told her story – click here for a refresher. Ten years ago, Jude Law was caught cheating on Sienna Miller with his nanny, Daisy Wright. And she told her story too. Click here for a refresher.

If Christine Ouzounian has anything on Ben Affleck…

If he doesn’t text her back? Or go see her?

OMG. What did Andie do in Gone Girl? She went to the media too.