Ben Affleck on the set of Live By Night in Massachusetts today. Look at how relaxed he looks. And happy. Relieved and happy?

Happy because he’s back at work, directing, rebuilding. After all the sh-t he’s gotten himself into, this is what he does – tears it down to put it back up.

Relieved because…

Oh look! Someone else has a nanny issue! The nanny heat is off him now. It’s Gavin Rossdale who has to eat it. And Gavin’s nanny situation actually made Ben’s seem way less offensive. Because Chrissy O was only around for a few months. Gavin was allegedly creeping with his nanny for THREE YEARS! Also, allegedly, he was doing it even when Gwen Stefani was having their third baby.

Here’s something we’ve all been thinking about the last few days. When those photos of Gavin hiking with the nanny came out a few years ago – click here to see them again – a clarification was released that it was actually his sister so the story died. We obviously now know that it was NOT his sister. Where then did that lie come from?

Gavin is trying to deny the worst parts of the nanny story, of course. And “sources close to him” are trying to tell media outlets that he’s just focused on his kids. And he’s getting papped still wearing his wedding ring. Like that’s supposed to elicit some sympathy from you.

Meanwhile Gwen, well, Gwen, look at Gwen here in Pink. She doesn’t seem bothered, not at all. Not taking the High Road can feel real, real good.