Christine Ouzounian, have you missed her? 

Chrissy O hasn’t been papped since last Friday. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner however were papped over the weekend celebrating his birthday at Universal Studios and Disney World. Perhaps she laid low out of respect? Now that that’s over with though, she’s back, with gifts!

Chrissy met up with a friend for sushi yesterday in LA. At some point, she also had a friend of hers deliver fresh fruit to the paps waiting outside her house. The fruit comes from Chrissy O’s grandmother’s farm. OMG so thoughtful!

Come on. How can you not love this?

Ben Affleck’s over there in Atlanta, trying to show you what a devoted father he is to his three children, after he and his wife announce their divorce and he’s accused of cheating on her, repeatedly, throughout their marriage. And it’s his ex-nanny, with whom he’s rumoured to have had an affair, who’s not letting him get away with it. Who, every few days or so, keeps coming back, like one of those zits that you can’t pop, just to remind him, and us, oh hey, remember me? I’m still here. I’m still what you did. Because every time she shows up, she’s extending the news cycle. It’s repeat shaming – not of her, but of HIM. And by refusing to let it blow over, she’s prolonging his embarrassment. Ben Affleck would have hoped, at the end of June, when he first confirmed that his marriage was over, that by now it would have turned. That by now we’d be over it and he could start rebuilding. It’s usually that easy for men, isn’t it? But every time he thinks he’s made some gains, Chrissy O comes up and stomps on his progress. Ben Affleck is getting played. Chrissy O is playing the sh-t out of him.