Sarah posted about Benedict Cumberbatch and Dan Stevens were hanging out yesterday – click here for a refresher. Something something something about men vs boys and lizards and velvet voices. My friend Lorella texted me afterwards with the following:

“I do not understand Sarah when she says she likes manly men with dirt under their fingernails and says “like Benedict Cumberbatch”. No. He is posh hoity toity and likely has Pattinson tea-pouring hands. She’s just trying to rationalise having the hots for someone (not attractive).”

Full disclosure. Lorella has the same taste I do. This:

More full disclosure. I might be more supportive of Cumberbatch if his fans weren’t so f-cking Twi-Hardy.

Anyway, for the second night in a row, Cumberbatch and Stevens were together at the GQ Awards. Let us all enjoy the things we enjoy. Like avocado on my burger.