Lainey texted me over the weekend about how she’s excited to see The Riot Club, a movie about secret societies at Oxford (it’s playing TIFF later this week). I’m into it for Natalie Dormer, but Lainey’s all over it because of the gaggle of British boys who star in it. While we agree on a few exceptions—Aaron Taylor-Johnson, for instance, though he’s hottest when he’s around Sam—Lainey likes boys and I like men. Proper Men, who are of Proper Man Age (30+). I don’t need pretty or youthful or even handsome. I like ’em weathered and worn in and with dirt under their nails (see also: My Forever Love for Jeremy Renner). Guys tend to get more interesting as they age and Life starts showing in their faces.

This is why I love Benedict Cumberbatch. Is he classically handsome? No. Could he possibly be the Lizard King? Yes. Is he A Man? YES. A tall, crazily talented, velvet-voiced man who can probably pronounce “Laphroaig” properly when he orders Scotch. Cumberbatch showed up over the weekend to support his friend Dan Stevens’ new movie, The Guest. Stevens, you’ll recall, landed on my radar recently when he went out and carved himself a Proper Man Body  for The Guest. He’s currently enjoying a spot on my Freebie Five.

Amidst wedding dresses, nude photos, the onset of award season, and the close of a pretty good summer in gossip, enjoy these photos of two Proper Men standing next to each other as a palette cleanser. I’m digging Stevens’ beard and The Batch is in glorious curl. Keep your pretty boys—I’ll take the men.

Thanks to Catherine for the heads up!