Do you miss Jon Stewart? I do. And I don’t. I don’t because Trevor Noah deserves a chance to grow into the role and it can’t be easy to build your own situation when your predecessor is such a beloved institution. Also I don’t because John Oliver’s show is sooooo f-cking good. But I do because, well, because he’s Jon Stewart. And he just wrapped it all up in such a Jon Stewart way. Like how the final show was just about The Daily Show family. So many of them may have gone on to become big celebrities, but it’s not like the entire exercise was about trotting out big name celebrities just for the sake of having big name celebrities. With the exception, of course, of Bruce Springsteen, but even that made sense because it’s not like no one was unaware how Jon feels about Bruce Springsteen.

Should The Daily Show with Jon Stewart have taken the Emmy? Probably not. But I’m not mad at that. Maybe it’s because I watched that award show the weekend we said goodbye to our dog, Marcus, so all I remember about that moment was going on your own terms, graciously, and Jon trying to stand mostly to the side of his team so that they could fully appreciate that final run. Stephen Colbert said it best though – starting at 6:30 below:

I love it when they all come out, jumping on him, at the end there. Didn’t you love it so much?

Jon and his son, Nathan, were at the Knicks game last night sitting beside Tracy Morgan having a great time. These pictures are adorable.