Duana, Lara, Sasha, and I went to the Mrs Carter Show the other night. As mentioned yesterday, it was amazing. Click here for a refresher. We spent a lot of time admiring the wind machines and how they were only directed at her. And how awesome it was that it was set at exactly the right speed so as to gently tousle her hair without blowing it in her face. We wondered when the wind machine check happens every day. Is it before sound check, during sound check, or after sound check? There must be a check.

Sometimes though, the Beysus is so involved in her performance, she steps too close to the wind machine. And, well, this is what happens (in Montreal last night):


But because this is Beyonce, SHE KEEPS GOING. Not one note missed. You know what would have happened if this was Mimi? Mimi would have called the National Guard.

As you can see, as soon as her security figured out someone was videoing this sh-t, they cut it off. We are only to see B at her most perfect, right?

Why? When this is so fascinating. Also fascinating – B drinking out of a plastic cup at Jay-Z’s show last week. And here you thought she’d only put her lips to platinum.

Thanks Montreality!