Last month a photographer miraculously found Blake Lively frolicking in a meadow with her dog (click here for a refresher), holding up a pink Moto X phone… and we were supposed to believe these were “candid” shots of her not getting paid. OK.

On Thursday, Blake and Ryan Reynolds went shopping in LA. Even though they’re rarely seen together, unless it’s in some small town in Utah at a hidden-away bed and breakfast (where a pap happened to be driving past), an intrepid photographer happened upon them at Nespresso. The beautiful couple sat down at the counter to enjoy coffee samples, and then left holding a huge Nespresso bag, with the logo facing out. Click here to see the images.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

And is he in on it too? He has to be. He has to know that that sh-t has been pre-arranged. Otherwise, if he’s looking at these, having not suspected what was happening, it’s grounds for a mega domestic.

What’s the fee for this kind of set-up, do you think? $50,000? More? That’s a lot of money, no doubt, for people like us. It means less for people like them. And you have to weigh it against integrity too. Because the next time either one of them decides to complain about paparazzi and privacy in an interview, it’s not like anyone can take them seriously. Now what’s that worth to you?

Attached – Blake arrives at JFK yesterday in a great pair of brogues.