Here’s what I wrote when Lupita Nyong’o covered VOGUE earlier this summer:

“As you know, VOGUE doesn’t put black women on the cover very often. And when they do, it’s Oprah, Michelle Obama, Halle Berry, Beyonce, Rihanna…

Now Lupita who just won an Oscar.

All accomplished women, yes. That’s the point. They’re HEAVILY accomplished. They HAVE to be.
You know who doesn’t have to be?

Blake Lively.
Jessica Biel.
Sienna Miller.”

Blake Lively covers the August 2014 issue of VOGUE for the THIRD TIME.

This time it’s because she’s about to launch the Blake Lively Lifestyle, Preserve. Some women have to go and be the first lady, or build a media empire and earn a billion dollars, win best actress Oscars, be the greatest living entertainer…

But Blake Lively?

All she has to do is start a blog, like Gwyneth Paltrow, in the spirit of Martha Stewart.

Um, can you even tell them all apart?

As you would expect, the article is about how Blake is all entrepreneur now. She takes phone calls and works on her phone while she’s being driven to a restaurant with the writer. This must mean she’s driven and focused and has a sharp business mind.

Speaking of business minds, Ivanka Trump is one of her friends. And Ivanka tells VOGUE that:

“I don’t think there’s such a disconnect between what (Blake’s) traditionally done as an actress and this new platform. Her ability to story-tell is something that she’s clearly cultivated since childhood.”

When you watch Blake Lively act, do you marvel at her ability to story-tell?

According to VOGUE, she knows a good story because she’s also able to offer writing advice to those producing content on her site. At one point, the reporter is impressed because she tells the person on the other end of the phone to replace the word “things” with other more interesting nouns. Christ Jesus, is that where we live now?

But we trust her, you know?

We trust a girl who claims she knows her food and will eat that food. Have you noticed that in the last three years, Blake Lively doesn’t give an interview without talking about food? Well f-ck me, surely a woman who feels comfortable in a kitchen is the kind of woman we can believe in.

And, most importantly now, a woman we should be buying from.

Click here to read the full Blake Lively article in VOGUE and to see more pictures.