What time is it in New York right now (as I’m writing this)?


Blake Lively is on the morning circuit to promote The Age Of Adaline. She’s changed… I don’t know…. I’ve lost count how many times. It’s a lot of times.

My least favourite is the pink and black wrap dress. I don’t love the blue and yellow coat and dress combination either. The high collar tweedy one is OK…but it feels like the wrong season. So I guess that leaves the splashy short skirt, longer jacket outfit with the goldfish coming at you as the best of the lot but even still, on days like this, you remember that she (says she) doesn’t have a stylist. I mean I’m not saying she’s a mess. But there’s no consistent vision here. There’s no thread. She’s dressing for 15 different women. And maybe it’s because I just spent the last few minutes reading Carey Mulligan’s latest VOGUE profile but, like a petty f-cking c-nt, I’m wondering whether or not I could see Carey doing the same thing. That, I think, is the difference. All the difference.