Check out Brange with the Chosen One Shiloh and Pax on Friday at Toys R Us. Some are speculating it was a shopping trip ahead of the twins’ 7th birthday. They turned 7 years old on Sunday.


How did that happen?

I like the shot of Brad with his hand on the back of Pax’s neck. Pax turns 12 later this year. So about the age when you want your parents to stop paying attention to you. I remember my dad coming to pick me up at the airport after spending the summer with my ma in Hong Kong when they were divorced. After 3 months of not seeing me, of course he wanted a hug. And I’d stand there at arrivals like, ugh, dad, I’m way too cool for this. Now? Our nephew, almost 15, and niece, almost 13, are staying with us for a week next month. We’re taking them to the amusement park. And my plan is to embarrass them the entire time. There will be a lot of hair ruffling. And grabbing them by the cheeks and gushing over them. And when they complain about it I will tell them that I paid their airfare to come and the entry fee to the park, on top of the food they’ll be eating – they never stop eating! – so this is the appropriate exchange and they can suck it up.