Brad Pitt was in England yesterday at the MotoGP British Grand Prix. He narrated the documentary Hitting The Apex about motorcycle racing that comes out this week. While I think Brad is totally underrated as an actor (he lets everyone else around him be their best, which is an often overlooked talent), I’m not convinced he’s effective as a narrator. Watch the trailer below, decide for yourself. Maybe I’m just comparing him to Liev Schreiber who is excellent.

Anyway, instead of bringing his two older boys, Maddox and Pax, to the event, Brad had Knox with him. Knox is now 7. And in some of the photos, he doesn’t look like he’s super into it. Check out his cute pouty face. And his very pouty posture. The shoulders are a giveaway. Brad looks like he’s trying to pre-empt a meltdown. This is a scene I’m quite familiar with in airports. I particularly like the shot of Brad cradling him in that booth. Maybe Little K doesn’t like the rain.