Brad Pitt arrived in South Korea today to promote Fury. He looks rough. Pale and clammy, non? Flying with the flu is the worst. And it’s not great for the person sitting next to you either. Have you ever sat next to a sniffler? It fills me with rage. I was on a flight recently with a sniffler. I shoved a tissue at her and you know what? She didn’t use it. WTF?

So how quick is this trip?

Because Angelina Jolie is scheduled to appear at the Hollywood Film Awards on Friday – click here for a refresher – and now I’m wondering if she’s going on her own because he won’t be back in time. I mean, it’s possible, of course it is. Especially with LA’s generation time difference. But it would be tight. And exhausting. It is award season though. If there’s ever a time to get a vitamin B12 injection for extra energy, it would be now. I want the Pitt Porn.