Oh relax Brangelunatics.

Brad Pitt is not Tom Cruise, obviously.

But Brad Pitt certainly needs a little RDJ magic on World War Z. Enough to show up at the MTV Movie Awards -- where he introduced himself to Selena Gomez!? we will discuss this later! -- and yesterday, with his new big face, in Vegas at CinemaCon as part of the Paramount presentation. Sarah has covered the World War Z production drama extensively on this site -- click here for a refresher -- and she shat on the first trailer here. But a more recent trailer and poster seemed to be an improvement -- click here to see -- and now, in front of an audience full of distributors, the studio thinks it will be a major hit this summer. Well, that’s what they’re supposed to say, right? WWZ is scheduled to be released on June 21, on a weekend sandwiched between Man Of Steel (June 14) and Channing Tatum’s White House Down (June 28). That’s not to say it’ll be a bomb (I’ll go ahead and predict Will Smith’s After Earth will take that this year), but they do need to hustle it.

Who’s better at the selling game than Brange?

By the way, CinemaCon used to be called ShoWest. And do you remember the last time Brad Pitt was at ShoWest?

It was March 2005. The movie was called Mr & Mrs Smith, coincidentally also released in June of that year. 


Remember how they stood a foot apart, and SO awkwardly and we were all like, THEY ARE TOTALLY F-CKING?!?!?

Oh, and on the subject of his new big face...

A friend of mine pointed out yesterday that that doesn’t come from simple weight gain, not in those areas.

Check him out in Killing Them Softly:

And at Cannes last year:

And see below for now. He should have left it as is.