Last week, Brad Pitt was the surprise presenter at the Golden Globes to introduce Moonlight, which he co-produced. This weekend he stepped out at a charity event, the EBMRF Benefit in Malibu, his second public appearance in as many weeks, now that he and Angelina Jolie have agreed to wage World War Brange in private. So far they’ve managed to go 7 days without sh-tting on each other through media outlets. And now Brad can focus on enjoying – and adding to – his popularity.

As for his connection to this particular event, beyond wanting to help, I’m thinking maybe it’s Sting. Pop Gossip History Quiz: When you think of Brad Pitt + Sting, what comes to mind?

Is it this?

That was 1999, November. Brad Pitt proudly showing off the engagement ring he gave Jennifer Aniston on stage at a Sting show. Do you remember how extra they used to be? Theirs was the kind of Malibu cliff-side wedding, with helicopters swirling above, that just doesn’t happen anymore in Hollywood. Madonna and Sean Penn had one of those too. Last Saturday, January 7, was the 12 year anniversary of the day Brad and Jen announced their separation. They were on holiday together in Anguilla, seemingly as close as ever, when the statement was released. There followed a decade of Brange. And now. Brange is broken and Brad Pitt is hanging out with Sting again. How long before we see a shot of him having lunch with Jen and Justin Theroux?

Also at the event on Saturday, Charlie Hunnam. Charlie and Brad have known each other a while. Charlie sold a screenplay to Brad’s Plan B many years ago. And Plan B produced The Lost City Of Z. Also there have been rumours for a while that if a Sons Of Anarchy prequel were to ever happen, they’re hoping that Brad, given the resemblance between the two, would play the legendary John Teller, father of Jax. Unfortunately Brad and Charlie did not pose together at this fundraiser. Unfortunately Charlie only posed for one photo. And it’s not his best.