Bradley Cooper and his model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse were photographed walking around in New York on Sunday after he cameo-ed on Saturday Night Live, hosted by Zach Galifianakis, in the Jennifer Aniston lookalike sketch. To me, the best part of that skit was how the cast members imitated her. 

Uh uh, ah, oh, oh, ok, hair touching, forehead touching...

It was thought that Bradley and Suki would end up at the MET Gala together. If he was there, I haven’t seen any photos. Besides, his hair is sh-t right now and Anna Wintour would probably have him removed for wearing a beanie at her party. Yesterday he was back on set in Boston. And soon he’ll be heading out for The Hangover 3 press tour.

In other Coop news, he’s now selling ice cream for Haagen-Dazs and, amazingly!, they’re not calling him a “Creative Director” or “Brand Ambassador”. This is exactly what it is -- Bradley Cooper is hot and popular and women should buy this ice cream that he’s selling because somehow eating it will fulfill the fantasy of meeting him at party one day...only let’s not talk about how he probably isn’t interested in girls who actually eat ice cream. Coop doesn’t do it for me anymore but at the end there, the expression on his face when he’s holding the spoon, that’s not bad at all.