Brandon Flowers was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Two Brandon posts in two days. This isn’t helping my problem. Because… well… the voice. Some people live? They’re sh-t. Him? The notes are there. And his energy. His charisma. His FACE. I mean I thought he was all of it with short hair. But his hair now…

I feel like if I saw him I would get arrested for trying to touch the hair. Yeah, my Brandon Flowers problem is so bad right now I think I’d rather him over Charlie Hunnam. And that’s Charlie Hunnam.

How is Adam Levine a f-cking symbol when Brandon Flowers exists?

Do me a favour. Start at 18:15 of this video. Just watch for 2 minutes. You might not be able to stop after that. But watch for 2 minutes and tell me that’s not doing something for you. Remember, THIS IS LIVE.

Here’s some footage from Kimmel last night. He sounds amazing.

And the video for Can’t Deny My Love off the new album The Desired Effect featuring Evan Rachel Wood. Every imaginary boyfriend from every book I’m reading right now looks like him.