Chicken Fried for a good cause

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 21, 2008 06:21:38 July 21, 2008 06:21:38

Slowly but surely, every week an improvement -

There can be miracles, when you believe…

Check out Britney this weekend at the Generation Rescue fundraiser alongside Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy in support of autism research. No, no, of course it’s not what once was. And she still looks kinda spaced out. And whatever’s going on on top of her head needs to stop.

But it’s better. Much, much better.

And at least, at 27, she looks younger than both Ali Lohan and Katie Holmes. That alone is worthy of a celebration.

As for the status of her comeback…sadly, my sources say there is already dissention inside her team. Some want her to grind it out in the studio, there are whispers – again! – of an MTV VMA performance. Others however worry they’re pushing too hard, too early. Remember, Britney was a slave…to everyone. They worked her to the bone. They pull that sh*t again and who knows if she’ll ever come back from the brink…

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