We learned last week following the SAG and Golden Globe nominations that, right now, Bryan Cranston could be a legitimate challenger to Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor. Trumbo will play well to those old f-ckers in the Academy and Bryan Cranston is very, very well liked among his peers. Also consider the EGOT factor. Bryan has the Emmy(s), he has a Tony, if he wins Oscars he’s almost to EGOT and, with all due respect to the Recording Academy and Justin Bieber, a Grammy, with all those categories, is less challenging than the others. That’s a storyline that has appeal too.

Last night Bryan was in New York at a celebration in his honour. His old friend Jesse Pinkman was there. Harvey Weinstein was there. John Leguizamo too. And Dame Helen Mirren.


What’s this?

Is that Jonah Hill, 2X Oscar nominee and friend of Leo, Marty, and Brange?

If you’re Leo, are you worried? Worried enough to grow a sense of humour? I wrote a couple of weeks (click here for a refresher) ago that if it starts getting close, Leo might have to consider showing us a different side of himself. The side of himself that isn’t so up-his-own-ass precious. If that side exists. Because if it’s been Leo and Bryan Cranston, Bryan has him on the funny and relatable and, well, kind of a f-cking badass.