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Who wants a Friends reunion?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 16, 2020 16:59:46 January 16, 2020 16:59:46
Bruce/ Javiles/ BACKGRID

Friends ended like 15 years ago. And people have been talking about a reunion, not sure what that looks like, but that’s the question that keeps coming up over and over again. Part of that, even though no one wants to admit it, is that the show continues to be popular because of Netflix. A new audience found it on Netflix. Full Story

James Bond must move on

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 16, 2020 15:00:58 January 16, 2020 15:00:58
Slaven Vlasic/ Getty Images

No Time to Die, the 25th Bond movie and Daniel Craig’s last outing as 007, comes out in April. In advance of that, Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson gave an interview to Variety that comes across as half reckoning with the end of Craig’s tenure and half reckoning with the constant public pressure to do something different with the character after 50 years of white dudes in the role. Full Story

Sussexit: “Financial Independence”

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 9, 2020 18:19:52 January 9, 2020 18:19:52
Samir Hussein/ Getty Images

Much of the negative and often inaccurate coverage around the royal family and particularly Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have to do with money. How much it cost to renovate their place, how much it cost for them to go on holiday, how much the baby shower was, how much the baby clothes are, etc etc etc. Full Story


Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 8, 2020 17:35:32 January 8, 2020 17:35:32
Karwai Tang/ Getty Images

The last week of the year is a liminal space. It is the abandoned shopping mall of time: It once was, it is not yet. Nothing happens in the last week of the year, when post-holiday blues and pre-New Year’s Eve nerves set in. And everything happens in the last week of the year, when we try to cram in all the year-end bullsh-t we can before time resumes counting. Full Story

Angelina Jolie switches agencies

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 2, 2019 19:08:45 December 2, 2019 19:08:45

Angelina Jolie very famously has a small team. She still doesn’t have an official publicist. I think I wrote about this a few years ago when I was assigned to the Maleficent junket, that she personally reviews her junket roster, a responsibility typically assigned to a star’s personal PR. Full Story

Disney’s last laugh

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 27, 2019 16:15:08 November 27, 2019 16:15:08

When Disney+ launched a couple weeks ago, some people laughed because there were some technical issues, with people struggling to sign in or maintain a decent connection with the platform. Well who’s laughing now, because Disney’s stock closed yesterday at a record high. Full Story

The Angels keep rolling

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 21, 2019 17:30:20 November 21, 2019 17:30:20

As you probably heard, Charlie’s Angels bombed last weekend. Like seriously tanked. Franchise-killer flopped. Even with a sub-$100 million budget, an $8 million opening weekend is bad news. But, the movie is still rolling out overseas, including a premiere in London yesterday. Full Story

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#ReleaseTheSnyderCut will never end

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 18, 2019 18:28:41 November 18, 2019 18:28:41
Bryan Bedder/ Getty Images

In case you think Martin Scorsese vs. Marvel is the worst, most pointless ongoing argument on Film Twitter, allow me to introduce you to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. It has been going strong for two years and counting, ever since Justice League was released with significant material added by Joss Whedon following Zack Snyder’s departure from the film Full Story

Show Your Work: On Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 6, 2019 20:54:41 November 6, 2019 20:54:41
Harper's Bazaar

On this week’s episode of Show Your Work, we analyse the “rewilding” of Angelina Jolie. She’s been one of the savviest celebrities in the business in image management; as Duana says Angie will always be A++++ list and even though there’s been a pivot in her vibe the last few months, which she’s been talking about in interviews including the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar Full Story

Game of Thrones’ bad week continues

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 30, 2019 13:01:05 October 30, 2019 13:01:05

Okay, it’s not precisely Game of Thrones’ fault that showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss left their Star Wars trilogy. But even if it’s not a direct impact on GOT itself, that event does contribute to the overall tainting of GOT’s legacy, which is still muddied with fan ire and the perception that Benioff & Weiss really boned the final season. Full Story