As mentioned earlier, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are taking over as hosts for the Hillary Clinton fundraiser from Leonardo DiCaprio. It's a good swap. From one f-ckboy to another.

And I use the term "f-ckboy" specifically because:

1. hilariously even the Urban Dictionary definition of "f-ckboy" references "the Justin Timberlake haircut" and

2. Buzzfeed called him a "f-ckboy" in a widely circulated article that was posted on Friday. Click here to read it.

Many of you forwarded that link to me. As sweet vindication/validation. Thank you. Because, as you know, I have been dragging those goddamn ringlets for years. For being the original Taylor Swift. For making every moment about himself. For abandoning Janet Jackson #NeverForget. And, yes, for climbing to fame on the back of one Britney Jean Spears. Which he did again last week.

After that Buzzfeed post went viral, #JTExposedParty starting blowing up on Twitter. Every pop asshole has had their own receipts #party recently. It's kind of the worst. Because, obviously. It's also kind of the best too, though, because you know how vain and self-absorbed they are. You know they KNOW. You know that this weekend, Justin Timberlake knew he was being called a f-ckboy. And that millions of people were reading about him being called a f-ckboy. And those millions were nodding their heads in agreement that this f-ckboy keeps using Britney to pimp his own shit. And that those same millions all co-sign the fossilised FACT that he would be NOTHING without Britney. And then they threw a stupid ass Twitter party to celebrate.

He knows. He read it. This is tremendously satisfying.