The Cambridges released the photo that they’re using on their Christmas card this year. Apparently they liked it so much they wanted to share it with the people. The picture was taken by photographer Chris Jelfe, a former soldier, in October at Kensington Palace and, well, to no one’s surprise, it’s all about Big G.

When isn’t it all about Big G?

He has to be standing in front of everyone, staring straight at the camera because he was born for the lens, for the spotlight, born to dominate the spotlight and rule from there. Oh, speaking of spotlight whores, please take a look at this photo from this page at Variety:

Posing! POSING! And not with the other droids either. He’s been here FOR A MINUTE and already he’s posing solo?!?

I really don’t think it’s Kylo Ren people have to be worried about.

As for Big G, you’ll note, in the official family Christmas photo, even his dad has to be looking at him, like it’s not enough that no one’s paying attention to anyone else, his father has to confirm it. So what’s going to happen when he starts nursery school in January?





Um, has anyone told Big G that he’s to be treated “the same”? Because Big G doesn’t know what “the same” means. How’s that transition going to go? And how many kids are going home on the first day from school with patches of hair pulled out their heads after a Big G “playtime”?