Page Six reports that on Sunday night, at a Paris Fashion Week party, Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevingne threw down...

Over Rihanna.

Supposedly Naomi was offended because she thought Cara was disrespecting Rihanna and then all kinds of pushing and shoving ensued and Cara made a grab for Naomi’s hair.

First of all, BadGalRiRi can defend herself. So if that’s the reason Naomi decided to reconnect with her violent side, it’s a weak excuse to pick a fight. But also, Cara Delevingne is a lot of things, and one of those things is that she too, like Taylor Swift, is a friend collector. Cara’s not walking around mouthing off about Rihanna. If anything, she’s trying to get Rihanna in for a selfie for Instagram. Because that would put Rihanna just one degree of separation away from Taylor. And the one we isolate now is Katy Perry, remember?

Whatever. For whatever reason, Naomi Campbell allegedly went nuclear. Only unlike her usual targets, she picked someone who can quickly get nuclear too. As I wrote when she was dating Michelle Rodriguez, as lovable as she can be, Cara has a crazy drama switch. That’s London street fighting style vs London street fighting style. And when matches like this are too close to call, do you go experience or do you go youth?

In other Cara news, she walked for Karl today at the Chanel presentation. Instead of a grocery store or a protest, this time the runway was set up like a bar with Baptiste serving drinks. Holy sh-t, some of these coats are beyond dreams.