She changed like 10 times the entire night. And every time it was the ass. If you want to rank the ass in order of worst to not so bad but still bad, #1 being the most horrid, I’d say it was the arrivals gold borrowed straight from Dolly Parton. See how even skinny girls can look bloaty with a bad dress? Also…don’t understand the hair. This is what happens at the end of a long run, right? Your layers start coming loose from the ponytail.

Who in country f-ck would call this a STYLE? Would you ever sit in a chair and ASK FOR THIS on GRAMMY NIGHT???

The stage ensemble, again, a loser. I will say however that she can perform. Carrie Underwood can command a stage. Or maybe I was too busy admiring her legs? Very confident and sassy, she struts like a professional… I believe her when they tell me she’s a star. But she needs someone to help her find some clothes. And maybe a bass player that doesn’t hate her. Did you see that woman? She had NO TIME for Carrie Underwood.

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