Can we put a moratorium on celebrity April Fool’s Day pranks until they come up with something better than haircuts or pregnancy announcements? Those two jokes are pretty played out.


βœ„ βœ„ βœ„ happy April foolz fwends ;) :P

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Liv Tyler and Jon Snow on set. (Do I have to call him Kit, or can I call him Jon Snow forever, like the way I still call Jesse Plemons Landry?)

For the first time maybe ever, I wholeheartedly agree with Calvin Harris.

Have you watched the alternate opening credits for Sex and the City? That dress is SO 90s. Kate Moss wore it on the runway and Winona Ryder wore it in real life. The style holds up, the color does not.

Olivia Munn posted a shot from Keegan-Michael Key’s birthday party. Alfie Allen looks like he’s having the best time. I don’t quite get how one person wears sunglasses in a group setting like this.


B I R T H D A Y PARTAYYYYY vibes for #keeganmichaelkey & #elisapugliese πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸ‘½

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Joanna wrote about the Junos today, so I thought I’d post a throwback from 2004 – Alanis and Ryan Reynolds. He was her plus one.