It’s so hard to get mad/stay mad at a dog. Do you think they know that you are trying not to laugh? Of course they do, the sneaky buggers.

When are they going to let Britney retire and move to Hawaii?


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This is how I know I’m lazy: Laura Prepon is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and I’m half heartedly looking at a spin class schedule for the week.


Chill time at camp. #tentlife #kilimanjaro #weneedsleep #adventure #lovethiscountry

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I’ll take a climate change opinion from Chachi as readily as I’d take vaccine advice from Dr. Jenny McCarthy.

The Beckhams are fine, thank god.

Love this dress on Tracee Ellis Ross (and I’m actively ignoring the shoe choice).

Do you think The Weeknd has a food taster in his security detail?

Iron Man looks kind of dorky on a plastic sled.


Rocky Mountain High 5.1 (Birthday Jam)

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Oh look Kaley Cuoco got a squad.

Lainey’s obsession is flexible.


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