UnREAL season 3 is set to begin filming in Vancouver. I don’t know if I should hold out a little hope for this show; even Friday Night Lights had a shaky second season (which was mostly due to the writers’ strike). It’s not that season 2 was bad, it’s that it was completely tone-deaf and exploited #blacklivesmatter. How can they come back from that?


Bags are packed!! Vancouver, here we come!! #unrealtv #mighthaveoverpacked #ohwell

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I’m so happy I started following Catherine Zeta-Jones on Instagram. She’s like a low-key Mimi with a splash of Melanie Griffith and a pinch of your mom’s fanciest friend.


Love lace. What are some of your favorite fabrics?

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I am really into these burgundy pants. I’ve wanted a pair of wax burgundy denim with a slight drop crotch forever and have never been able to find a pair. These are Isabel Marant and (possibly faux) leather.


Check yourself...

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Why is Scott Eastwood more famous than Colin Hanks? We need to discuss this at length one day.

I have to agree with John Mayer on this. “Hope all is well” translates to “minimum amount of small talk before I ask you a favour.”

Nope, it’s just a way to let the world know you are at best scattered and at worst a little rude.

O is back on network TV. I’m curious as to why, when she is CEO, Chairwoman and CCC of a network she founded, she is choosing to work with CBS and 60 Minutes. Is it the reach? The reputation? She hardly needs help with either of those things. But I don’t think the timing – with everything going on in the world – is a coincidence. She is far too smart, too savvy and too seasoned to be doing it on a whim. What’s at play here?

Pharrell and his wife had triplets?! Excuse me let me rephrase that because Pharrell didn’t actually have to do any of the physical stuff. Helen Lasichanh carried and birthed 3 babies?! Between Pharrell and Helen and This Is Us, triplets are so in right now.

There’s been a lot of talk of Taylor Swift’s lack of political involvement, but what about Reese Witherspoon? She has created a multi-media company, Hello Sunshine, that centers on female voices and has pushed an empowerment narrative in her career for the last few years. Is that where her responsibility ends? Because I get the feeling the world could be on fire and she’d still be posting Audrey Hepburn quotes on Instagram.