Credit where it is due: I couldn’t quite put my finger on Blake’s look, but she answered my question without me even needing to ask.


Full Jessie Spano

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Who will think of the celebrities that are D- in North America but B in Europe? (Also do you follow Ira’s Delete Your Account advice column on MTV? It’s become my must-read.)

Yes Demi, it’s those darn “magazines and blogs.” Because obviously celebrities don’t participate in creating their own press whatsoever. When she says “we buy magazines” I can assure you she is not talking about herself.

Steven Tyler knows how to dress for air travel. When I see a wedge at the airport, I want to go to one of those weird kiosks and buy the person a pair of slippers.

Okkkkkkk Madonna, we know you don’t eat cookies. It’s probably some type of macrobiotic kelp biscuit.


Sometimes a cookie is just a cookie! 🍪😉

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Amy becomes the first female comic to headline Madison Square Garden.


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This is the perfect 80s joke.

Let’s let Mimi, posing with a gift basket from John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, take us into the weekend. So thin!


Thank you John and Chrissy you guys are the most generous and kind people I know @chrissyteigen @johnlegend

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