Is this reigniting the Lady Gaga/Lana Del Rey feud from years ago? It was never that deep, but their stans go at it on Twitter all the time.

Do you think Jake Gyllenhaal would ever do Anna Faris’s podcast? I did a quick search and he’s appeared on a couple, like The Bill Simmons Podcast and Modern Love (he read an essay). 


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Halsey and G-Eazy are the fast flames that no one cares about, even though they continue to be messy.


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SMG tries to pull a SJP but she sat on the wrong stoop. There’s definitely a “I couldn’t help but wonder…” joke here, but I can’t find it.  


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This one goes out to Kathleen. 


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As Lainey mentioned yesterday, Orlando is working on The Outpost with Scott Eastwood. Interesting that they both frequently post photos with their co-stars/famous friends, but Scott hasn’t posted about Orlando and vice versa. Maybe that don’t have any scenes together?


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I’ve had some concerned Beckham watchers email me about an interview in Australia in which David said marriage is “hard work.” Some UK tabloids are reporting that Posh “cried for two days” about it. Let’s not get carried away. This is a pretty generic statement that could come from any person married for 19 years. The tabloids are also rehashing the claims that he doesn’t like how much she shares the children on social media (I don’t know where they get this story from – they both post photos/videos of the kids) and that their Vogue appearance was a “car crash.” Hardly. And she traveled with him to Sydney (along with three of their children) to support David at the Invictus Games as he is an ambassador. It’s fine. The team is intact. What isn’t fine is that Victoria is promoting her new line, which includes a pair of kitten heels. I, like Lainey, can’t abide a kitten heel. I’m dying to see how Victoria will wear these. 


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