I’m sorry I couldn’t get to this yesterday. I was too consumed with Beyonce. But today is the day of (commercialised) love. And Celine Dion is the angel of all the love, commercial and otherwise. So it seemed fitting to wait until today to post about Celine at the Grammys.

First of all, I will defend the bow on her dress. It’s a great dress. It’s a great colour. It’s a great cut. And the bow, yes, the bow is extra. So extra. On anyone else, too extra. But EXTRA is what Celine does. EXTRA is what Celine FEELS. EXTRA is what Celine lives. So you will give her that goddamn bow and not say a word about it because have you forgotten who we are dealing with here?

We are dealing with the Queen Of All The Feelings. And if the Queen Of All The Feelings can’t wear a giant green bow around her waist to the Grammys, we are all doomed. That bow is HER FEELINGS.

And she presented with her feelings. With her love. All of the love.

Celine presenting Song of the Year to Adele was two minutes of essential Celine. My Heart Will Go On playing as she took the stage? That’s pure Celine. Celine remembering her late husband and basically telling us that THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER? Pure Celine. Celine’s voice cracking has she whisper-announces “Hello”?


And Celine crying, wiping away her tears, more emotional than Adele – who actually won the award –during Adele’s acceptance speech…

The purest Celine!

Because Celine Dion, even when she’s presenting, feels more feelings than the person she’s presenting to. Now, with her blessing, go and feel your own feelings this Valentine’s Day. Try to feel as deeply as Celine. And while you’re doing that, just know that in the time it took for you to have feelings, she’s already grown three new feelings, God love her. I love her so much.