Celine Dion has been at home in Quebec for a series of summer shows before returning to her Vegas residency in mid-September. It happens to be Pride in Montreal this week. To celebrate the occasion, Celine released a video to send her support.

Translation: “Hi everyone! Wishing you an amazing 10th Pride Montreal. Be strong, be proud, be yourself. And, above all, celebrate and have fun. Be safe. Happy Pride, Montreal. Love you! Bye!”

While in Montreal, Celine also gave an interview to a local television show in her dressing room. I’ve embedded the video below. And even if you don’t understand French, you can appreciate what’s happening here. Celine is her own language. At one point (2:35), while she’s talking about her show schedule, she starts demonstrating how she eats while having her hair done. The facial expressions, obviously. And throughout.

The part that made me laugh the most though is when she starts talking about her kids, specifically her oldest Rene-Charles, now a teen. Celine describes herself as a pretty permissive parent. Her rationale: she would rather her kids do the sh-t they’re going to do at home, where she is, rather than f-ck around beyond her borders where she can’t protect them.

So apparently Rene-Charles has started dating. She says he went to the movies once with girl who figure skates. But the parents were there so she was chill about it. Then she goes on to imagine a day in the future (at 8:30 in the video):

“The time will for sure come when I’m sitting in the living room and I see a girl with her hand on my boy’s leg…I will fall over. I will totally fall over. (Lots of facial expressions and exaggerated sighs). But at least it’ll be in my living room. And what’s important is that he finds the one who will make him happy.”


First of all, his mother is Celine Dion, the gatekeeper of all the feelings. Second, she’s on television talking about your adolescent romances. Then she starts inviting people to picture you with a woman’s hand on your thigh! Now we are all picturing you in Celine Dion’s living room with a hand on your thigh.

You are 15 years old! Where can you hide?!?

One day, Celine Dion will be a mother-in-law. I cannot wait for this day. Actually, I live for all of her days.