The cast of Magic Mike XXL was in Miami yesterday promoting the movie. They surprised the audience at one of the screenings too, showing up for some bump and grind. As you can see, Channing Tatum, the big star, the main event, got his ass in on some action too. When I was looking at these shots and reading about the event, I thought about Marky Mark.

Mark Wahlberg showed up on stage for an NKOTB performance earlier this week – click here to read about it. They wanted him to drop a little Funky Bunch. He did not. Would not. For Mark Wahlberg, those Marky Mark days are gone. He’s too big for that sh-t now.

Will Channing Tatum ever be too big for Magic Mike?

Like in 10 years, when he’s totally taken over, will he shut down any mention of Magic Mike? If he’s at a party, will he make them stop playing Pony? I feel like he’d never be that kind of a dick. I want to believe that he’ll always be that guy. That he’ll always dance to Ginuwine. That he’ll always be the guy who shows up at the theatre and gets on someone’s lap. I hope. I hope so bad. But we’ve seen too many times that success changes people in ways you can’t predict.

Been hearing from people who’ve seen Magic Mike XXL at the advance screenings. Apparently it delivers. In what way? In the talk-less-no-plot-required way. According to my friends – who, admittedly, are super horny – the movie hits every demo: young women, mature women, gay men, drag, African Americans, even lesbians. Also…it was unanimous: Amber Heard is as useless in it as Cody Horn was in the first one.