Channing Tatum used to be a stripper. If you didn’t know this before Saturday Night Live, you would have soon learned it in the first five minutes and throughout the show. Credit to him, he has never lied about his past. Happily for him, his past has not hurt his current career. In fact, his past may be helping his career. It certainly helped him come up with a movie idea.

Would we be as understanding and as receptive if Channing Tatum was an actress?

Tatum did a good impression of Matthew McConaughey which I thoroughly enjoyed for maybe a minute, but overall I thought it was a particularly weak SNL. I’m not sure the writers were challenged to be very creative beyond using Tatum’s body as much as they could. Some sketches were straight up abysmal. Like the one where he and Kristen Wiig were trying to sell that piece of work-out machinery? How did that make it to air? How does Lorne Michaels watch that happen and not say please come up with something better?

And still the amazing thing about Channing Tatum is that the bad things never stick to him and the good things stick more. Some actors never get the most out of their wins and always eat it harder when they lose. Channing Tatum seems to keep coasting. This is very, very impressive career management.

Attached - Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan in New York this weekend.